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Boost efficiency and improve customer experience

Modern retail is booming. The gap between the physical and virtual stores is bridging, as the consumers are more authorized or what we can say is are more empowered than ever. In the new era of technology both producer (or retailer) along with consumer(shopper) require creative and innovative software development.
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Some of the basic features and potential of retail software comprises the quick keys, product lookups, financial transactions or multiple payment methods, supply chain, returns or refunds, management of products and orders, inventory, user accounts and permissions, human resources, customer relations and the list goes on.
Property maintenance
Boost satisfaction and conversion
The feature- Personalized shopping experience assists in driving engagement, increases sales, attracts or compels consumers to visit again and again. Our professionals in business and expertise in big data will help the retailer or the producer analyze his\her customers or consumers – in real and no time – moreover help in making decisions that lead to better conversion and low costs according to consumer and retailer.
Automated Support
Adopt flexible pricing models
Our software services will help or assist you in understanding and analyzing your consumer, their behaviour, demand, and supply with customized dynamic pricing models that lower your operating cost and lift revenue by over 20%.
Online Payments
Elevate your bricks and mortar
Also, we streamline the payment for rental and utility bills through online payments services.
Contextual experience
Automate your inventory
This retail development service gives you assistance in mapping future combine and inventory investment on expected or aggregate demand with sales volume, for better cost reduction and efficiency. Data Science powers are automated inventory, so the retailer can reduce operational costs and buy smarter.

Free Consultancy

The retailer can also get the facilities of communicating with our business expertise related to any of your (the retailer’s) doubts about Retail Software development. Also, our experts can consult and guide you for free with the most relevant tips and points which are to be considered for your retail brand.

What We Do

Our organization designs custom mobile apps for producers and retailers, consumers and distributors, in addition to mobile e- commerce platforms, digital mobile wallet solutions and loyalty apps built with us.

Digital era Retail Development

Developing retail software for either large scale MNC’s or small industries is extremely beneficial and a right decision to take. These retail software are flexible and adaptable and will meet the basic and daily needs of a single shop along with a retail chain carrying thousands of variety products or points of sale (POS). Such softwares is capable of combining with any kind of retail businesses.

How We Work

We believe that the combination of soft communication with hard policies and technology allows us to make software that will fulfill your needs.
Retail consulting
I Mate Plus works as a team of techno experts with robust knowledge in the retail web development industry. Our team makes sure to give you assistance to take your business high in future. We conduct regular surveys and studies to know the latest trends in the technology department. This results in increased efficiency.
Legacy applications re-engineering
Our company helps you to get the title of most supreme retail website on the internet. We have all the facilities from technology stack to migration of current systems to something recent and latest. This results in higher scalability, performance and maintainability of retail web development.
Custom app development for retail
Our experts can design the required custom application according to the client’s needs. We work in a very transparent manner so that our clients feel it easy to approach us for any change. We can join you further along your software development life cycle – allowing you to flex your team to meet a specific skill requirement, speed up time-to-market and guarantee a quality product.
Digital Payments
Digital payments
We have an integrated solution of online transactions which makes the task of money transactions very easy and reliable.

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Our company gets you the best real estate website development facility which enhances the customer leads on different properties.
We are a budget confined company which works on completing the demands of the clients. We are also specialized in digital marketing
services and website maintenance service.

We are Digital Artisan - a 360° digital agency delivering exceptional online experiences.