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Be the part of equity linked partnership for business

Be the part of equity linked partnership for business

Software & marketing services with one partner
I Mate Plus is the group of IT professionals and we are working as a technology firm partner or digital partner for many organizations to manage their software & IT development requirements. From the last 7 years, we are providing accelerate value creation software services for business.
When you don’t want equity linked compensation for your business then choosing I Mate Plus high-quality management group on a fee for service basis is right decision for you. With our services, clients will get visible results for higher growth.
Get rid of traditional fee for service
Are you also stuck by paying heavy charges of software & digital agency? This time you have an opportunity to get rid of traditional fee for service by considering equity financed programs and joint ventures in the form of Digital Partner services. We always optimized robust alignment and initiatives between firm goals and clients. Consider Digital Partner services for all present and future software & marketing requirements will be make sure your expenses in-control in comparison to hiring an agency for a particular task.

How our digital partner services work?

Ground Reports
Build Ground Report of Questions
We works with four-step process in Digital Strategic Partnership services and first is building ground report of questions. For beginning any project, we query from clients for different stuff related to their business. It helps us to understand client’s project & future expectations & present scenario. After doing these things we made ground-report of your business (based on our analysis).
Begin Audit to Get Crystal-Clear Facts
Second things which we do is doing audit of all facts that we had collected in the first step while making ground report. With audit, we understand how the things gone in your business. We optimized all good and bad facts and analyzed how we can do these things better from our side and it will help us to see crystal-clear facts of your business.
Planning & Strategy Reports
Next, once we collect all important data and queries from first and second step we start working on making planning & strategy reports to make sure the growth of your business in upcoming times. In this step, we also ensure how the task will going and for much time perform to reach the goals. Therefore, we will start working on your project requirements.
Keep an Eye on Things Regularly
After we started work on your project, our process not ends. Now we keep an eye on things which are doing for your business regularly. We understand how process going smoothly and what results you are getting with our efforts? This mid-time audit also encourage to find loop-holes of planning & strategy to make profit of your organization better.
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