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Hire a Dedicated Development Team

Our experts will join you remotely to help build digital products in a cost-efficient way. Get your instant and more reliable development solutions with the most dedicated team of experts.
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I Mate Plus as a Dedicated Serving Team

When you look for a part time or a full time web development team then I Mate Plus can hold every responsibility for your side. We offer different services to our clients.
Ambianced Knowledge
Ambianced Knowledge
Our team is perfectly designed for ambient knowledge and experience of over 7 years. Making everyone pleased with our web development services.
Flexible working
Flexible working facility
Flexible working hours make us more punctual and efficient in serving our clients with intact web development services. We are pleased to inform our clients that we take care of delivering projects through hard working days off and on.
Long Term
Long term partnership
Future oriented company which looks to establish more strong and powerful relations with our clients. We serve with desired and more upgraded web solutions that our clients do not switch from us.
Continuous learning
Continuous learning
I Mate Plus given the opportunity to learn and work at the same time. It is ensuring that team develops the habit of learning new skills, knowledge, and abilities to help them perform better at their jobs.

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Our company gives all the techno curiosity lovers to solve their doubts through an easy video call with our experts. You can approach us easily through a call on our desk.
Let’s make a short phone or video call, listen to your needs, and advise the best solutions.


Benefits of Hiring a Web Development Company

Complete Control
When you hire a web development company then you have complete control on your website. You can decide what you want and what you want to reject. You have the excess for all time to know about the security of our website for our clients. You can edit or transform your custom designed website according to your convenience.
Time efficiency
If you want to get a quick service of web solutions then nothing is better than hiring a dedicated development team. We will understand your needs and requirements and will complete your project within the time limit given to us by you. With this you can save your time of months as well as cost.
With I Mate Plus as your partner for web development you get the support of expertise who have years of experience in the development industry. We get you the advice of experts who collaborate in your web solution project with in-depth knowledge regarding different views on your required demand.
Cost effective
I Mate Plus is a budget friendly company which gets you the development of any type of technology in a confined amount. We have different packages of services which you can choose according to your wish. Our services are cost effective and give you the best quality in a low budget too. Therefore, whether you are a medium budget company or high budget company we are there to serve you all.
We build your website to increase the enhancement of it by various upgrades in application and performance that will make your website error free.
Other Support Services
Porting, Software Re-engineering, Request Based Software Services, Bug Fixes, Defect Resolution, Change Request Handling, Configuration management, Status Reports are some of the other application software maintenance and support services that Flatworld Solutions can provide.
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Why Choose I Mate Plus as the Website Maintenance Company?

Every company can’t afford to invest time on their website maintenance so they prefer outsourcing such a company that works for them at par; I Mate Plus is the best website Maintenance Company which has an excellent portfolio and work experience to resolve all your queries and technical faults in the website. With us, make your online presence in a professional way. We are coefficient, visionary, fulfill your entire requirement, and keep total transparency with our clients and help them to achieve their target.

You can reach our website to know about different variations for the maintenance of your website. We will give you the most approachable amount.

Free Consultation

We believe that good cooperation must be built on mutual trust. That’s why we strongly focus
on open communication from the very beginning.

Let’s make a short phone or video call, listen to your needs, and advise the best solutions.

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