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Quality-enriched custom Laravel development services to give a new dimension to your online business!

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Laravel development services

Web App
Laravel Web Apps
I Mate Plus creates your web applications from scratch. Our developers are masters in creating both frontend and backend.
Staff Augmentation
Staff Augmentation
Our experts are always ready with their sharp minds to give you support in Laravel application development.
Migrations &
Most of the software development companies don't go with a migration facility for the application formed on some other technologies. we provide migration and integration service too.
Further Development
Further Development
of Existing Apps
Our company takes responsibility for developing the existing projects. You can assign us with the complete development or you can hire us boosting up the existing team to give better results.

Free Consultation

If you are considering Laravel as an option for your business we are here as a Laravel development company. You can book an appointment with us at your comfortable time and we will give you the best facility.

We are always happy to help you with every reason or query regarding Laravel.


Benefits of Laravel development

Although Laravel has many advantages, the foremost advantage of Laravel is that the basis of Laravel is model, view, and controller pattern of structure. It is a composite of syntaxes which are expensive yet object-oriented. The most important part of every website is authentication and authorization, for this Laravel provides such efficient configurations which are out of the box.

Laravel outsourcing models

With outsourcing models you can get a complete team to develop your web application project or you can hire our team on the basis of time and material. This advancement in technology developing companies enables you to achieve simplicity and efficiency.

Unique Power Technologies

Working on the measurement scales of automation and industrial measurements was the basic performance of the Unique Power Technologies project for I Mate Plus. We not only succeed to establish an iconic website for the industrial industry but also develop real-time management software for the company.
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Feedback from the CTO on the client side

“I Mate Plus has given us the desired results. We can never get much better results than the results provided by this company. Their transparency is evident and their passion for web development is speechless. We recommend them for every web solution.”
Nimesh Vyas, Director, UPT
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our BLOG posts

06 Jun 2022
APWAs look and feel like "regular" mobile apps. They are built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript instead of Swift or Kotlin because they run in browsers
Software Development
31 May 2022
Getting the wrong software Development Agency could mean that your needs arent met. If you dont have enough resources
31 May 2022
As the name suggests, it means making the software fit the audience, goals, and dynamics of a certain company. No matter what a mobile app is used for, that means the technology is made to fit the needs of
Web App


Deliver premium customer service all day from any device. Provides powerful automation and greater visibility across an entire business portfolio.
ASTS Life web application with integrated capabilities for efficient management of customer relationships, policy and benefits management, sales automation, and financial accounting processes. The main purpose is help insurance agents to manage existing customers, market leads, increase efficiency and build strong relationships with their policyholders.
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Qik Order

Qik Order is a mobile & web application for a pharmaceutical company. Provocation on this project was quite different from others for I Mate Plus because on this project, we only focus on the errorless functionality and management for the client requirement.
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FAQ on Laravel Development

1. Do our company is compensated with certified developers?
I Mate Plus is a union of experts. Hence, we are a team of certified developers who have experience in web development. Along with that all our engineers expand their knowledge through enormous training.
2. Do we compensate for experience with the full Laravel ecosystem?
Since, we state that I Mate Plus have Laravel expert so we have complete knowledge and experience with Laravel. The biggest reason to know each tool of Laravel is that we make it easy and fast to be used.
3. What are different forms of cooperation which I Mate Plus offers?
Our company is flexible with the demands of clients. When we take up any project we discuss the budgets and the requirements of clients through which we encourage the cooperation of time and material mode.
4.How fast do we accomplish the project?
The accomplishment or the finishing time of any project depends on the size and the requirements of the project. We allot the team to every project according to the arrangements it needs.
5. How much time has it been for us in working with Laravel?
For Laravel development we have a separate team which have successfully completed 40+ projects. We have accomplishments in different web languages which gives us the advantage to be more specialised in project development.

Technologies – The tools we use


Structured Query Language is a way to store, handle, query and retrieve data in relational databases. SQL is a simple way through which you can easily add, insert, update and delete data in your recorded database.


Hypertext markup language is used to define the looks and appeals of the webpage. If we compare HTML to other languages, then it is used to design the static pages only. It provides the code through which CSS and JavaScript are added.


Library of JavaScript. jQuery can be defined better with the adjectives such as fast, small and full of features. Every single line of code holds up the value of a real page presentation. It is used to handle the events with API and it also makes the animation part easy and simple.


An Open Source JavaScript framework made by Google. Used as the frontend development of web pages, web apps and desktop applications too. They enable us to code the dynamic page in such a way that it is flexible.


We can define PHP as a language used for the development of web applications, ecommerce applications and for applications which are based on databases. It is used by many developers as it is flexible, dynamic in nature and it supports enhanced connectivity.


It is the most popular framework of JavaScript and since the time it has arrived in the web development world it has created a storm. Nothing else is best in front of this when you are creating supreme UI on the frontend of the web page.

Hire Laravel Development Company & Developers?

We are the best leading Laravel Web Development Company, we always assure that we provide a custom Laravel Development Services that creates very well services by including highly secure, scalable, bug-free, feature-rich and robust web applications. Hire our Laravel developers for carefully setting up a website application.

We are Digital Artisan - a 360° digital agency delivering exceptional online experiences.