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Reliable AngularJS development services to build highly scalable and secure applications

To create interactive and dynamic single page applications angular is considered through the web developers. It holds up many advanced features such as templating, two-way binding, modularization, RESTful API handling and dependency injection.
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AngularJS development services

Why AngularJS? That’s because you will be getting the most reliable services from them, as they are fit solutions that will support your current IT goals and all the other operational processes. On the other hand, the coding is so easy that it will cut your costs and at the end you will be getting the expected result.
Angular Web Development
AngularJS Web Development
We develop web applications using AngularJS. Only creating will not be our aim. We will provide you support from the beginning to maintenance. Use of external tools too which are going to act as an additional and supporter element for your project.
PWA Development
If you want to achieve the PWA(Progressive Web Apps) standards, then nothing is better than AngularJS development. You get the development of those applications which can be used on desktop and on mobile devices too.
Angular Migration
AngularJS Migration
Are you planning to move from other technology to AngularJS? Well, we will provide you complete migration and help you in migration with strategic support.
Maintenance and Optimization
If you want any support you can contact us. We will always be there to serve you with maintaining and optimizing with the existing AngularJS solutions.

Free Consultation

You can get more detailed information on AngularJS development through experts by a single call to us. We give free consultation to people who look for advice.

We are always delighted to assist you with any reason or question you may have about AngularJS


AngularJS benefits for your company

We all know that the requirement of people increases as the day passes and it’s natural because of modern technology. And the same thing is with solutions too. Web technologies are the one that constantly changes and gets evolved with the latest and upgraded. It has been more than a decade for AngularJS to be launched and since then it has been ruling the market with immense benefits.

Angular is a safe choice

Yes, having the best technology is better but client's success is mandatory. Well, we are having well supportive, experienced and specialist developers
who have the better knowledge of communicating with others. As better communication takes you closer to success.

Effective Communication
We at I Mate Plus not only provide you with deep understanding and experienced engineers. But also well, outspoken developers for you who can help you create the best version of them.
The best part of our company is that introduce us to your idea and we help you to convert it to real life business using technology. We have served many clients and always provided the best to them.
Our team which gives the users the enlightenment experience. Also, with working in many industries and the best part is we acquired a large number of satisfied customers.
Competitive Price
Through our experience we know how to create a custom software solution with cutting the price. So that you get the advantage of getting the high quality applications.
Cooperation Models – Outsourcing and T&M
The value of time. Completing a project on a timeline is more important. Your assignment will be provided within the given time you are looking for.
Tailored to you
In our optimistic approach we follow two models: first you can hire team with a fixed price. In the second model you can get the option paying only for time and developer, depending on agreed amounts. We at I Mate Plus guarantee you that your idea and project here are in the right hands.

What We Had Done?

Our portfolio is the clear mirror to see our php web development and app development work for the potential clients.
Completed Project
Web App
ASTS Life web application with integrated capabilities for efficient management of customer relationships, policy and benefits management, sales automation, and financial accounting processes.
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Mobile App
Baity Management System
Task management is the link between planning and completing a task. Your task management software should provide an overview of work in progress that allows you to track it from start to finish.
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Web Design
Grand Brulot Order
Designing an outstanding website for a liquor brand was quite challenging for us. The main provocation was representing designing & development was only recognizing and managing layout style & appearance.
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Our Development Process - Technology Used


Vue. js is an existing progressive framework for JavaScript which is used to build web interfaces and single page applications. Not only that it is used for desktop and mobile app development using electron framework.


It is a JavaScript library which is used to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and also in event management. It believes in “write less and do more”. It makes it easy to write the code by wrapping up the whole page code into a single line.


JavaScript is a scripting language which allows you to make a web page interactive that can engage a user too. Why is it so important? It’s because most of the applications and functions that make the internet easy to use in modern life are coded in the form of JavaScript.


Laravel is used to create custom web apps. It manages many things that you can find difficult to do, like templating HTML, routing, commands, and authentication.


PHP is well suited to web development which is a general purpose script writing. It is used to manage entire ecommerce sites, session tracking, databases, dynamic content and many more.


Symfony is a set of reusable components and an open source for web applications. It is used to speed up the creation and in the maintenance of web applications also to replace repetitive coding tasks.

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Want to Migrate Your Business into AngularJs Framework??

Get ready to migrate your business into the most amazing technology framework such as AngularJs but still have some illusions in your mind? Consult with our Technology Experts to clear all myths about your project.
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