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Customized software according to your requirements

We mainly do the customization of software applications of various industries according to the client’s requirements and our tailor-made software is highly popular in the current market for ROI proven results. Our Web Design & Development Services focus on the web design trends and inspiration because we have a dedicated team of designers and developers who work with modern approaches.
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Checklist of what we do actually?

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Frontend Development
I Mate Plus UX Developers Team is specifically working on the core-skills of front end development to provide excellent appearance and functionality or application or a portal.
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Backend Development
We also do backend development for both mobile applications and website development and our process in backend manages applications in a secure and fast manner.
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Custom Software Development
A Tailor-Made Software is the best part of your business that you can launch to run your business operations smoothly for better user-experience.
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eCommerce Development
Both mobile applications and marketplace for B2B and B2C Ecommerce Businesses are designed by us with effortless designing skills.
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Progressive Web Apps
Progressive Web Applications or PWA Software Applications are the optimal choice to build cost-effective solutions for business applications (basically popular for native applications).
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Digital Marketing
Contemporary tricks & research-oriented marketing. We believe in innovative and result-driven marketing approaches and our team also works on the same to provide ultimate revenue growth for your business.

Technology We Use

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In our main services, PHP development services is also crucial. PHP web development is the primary demand of the current market by the organizations because applications and portals developed in PHP are highly secure and scalable for efficient use.
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One of the user-friendly and fast-loaded website development and application development technologies is Laravel. Laravel development services is the major part of our web development services and we focus on the core-vital trends of this technology to build applications.
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One more PHP based framework in the list of web technologies used by I Mate Plus is Symfony and it is a MVC based system. By getting symfony development services clients can build high-performance based applications with flexible URI routing.
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Contrary to appearances, WordPress can be a base not only for simple pages, but also for more advanced systems. Using WordPress we have already created projects such as customer service systems or video platforms.
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In the checklist of technologies that we use for the development process, Vue Js is also one of the fast and responsive web technologies to build scalable applications. Vue Js is also an optimal choice to build ecommerce web applications.
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ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library. With React it’s easy to create reusable user interface components, which are small and isolated pieces of code, used to build a complex solution. Use React to create content-rich web apps.
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our BLOG posts

06 Jun 2022
APWAs look and feel like "regular" mobile apps. They are built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript instead of Swift or Kotlin because they run in browsers
Software Development
31 May 2022
Getting the wrong software Development Agency could mean that your needs arent met. If you dont have enough resources
31 May 2022
As the name suggests, it means making the software fit the audience, goals, and dynamics of a certain company. No matter what a mobile app is used for, that means the technology is made to fit the needs of

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