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With deep roots in custom software development, we'll arm your team with a group of experienced, strategic engineers who like dreaming big, then rolling up their sleeves to make it happen. No matter what problem you're trying to solve, what product you want to build, or what concept you have in mind, we'll help you connect the dots between idea and implementation.
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I Mate Plus Enterprise Software Service

We at I Mate Plus provide you with custom software solutions without regretting the fact that you are going to love it. In the competition to meet the market’s requirements we are dealing with a huge number of risks, scale and size but keeping these things apart, having a custom software is secure, reliable, beneficial, innovative and efficient. Considering these benefits, you can never deny having custom software for your company.
To achieve this there should be well-designed and simple to use software should be developed which we will be doing. We mainly focus on solving real life problems and we also keep this in mind that how much safety and reliability matters in these types of projects. Thus, we give you a great start to go with.

Key aspects of Enterprise technologies

Efficiency through automation
Creating a strong foundation through developing a software which gives efficiency through automation is a big deal but then it’s worth it. Doing more tasks within the given period of time due to the efficiency helps you save much time altogether and having automation as a feature could lead to growth as you don’t have to remember the tasks to be made as it will be automated.
Architecture and Infrastructure
Design your software in such a way that it should be simple and should be eye worthy to watch. Use each and every resource you have and show your audience the potential you are having. Use the modern opportunity tools like Cloud, PlaaS and laaS which could surely result in better engagement for your business.
Make use of data
Just building an Enterprise is not enough, having the valuable data stored could result in a greater way. Retrieve data from all the different sources and make right use of it to solve your real life problems.
Your audience mainly craves reliability and security. They expect your webpage to be clear and particular to the point. But then due to the heavy traffic it becomes a huge headache for your users making them feel irritated. So make sure that such things get avoided to a huge extent.
On-demand Scalability
Create an outline map before developing a custom software. Decide how your software should be scaled towards upside or down so that it doesn’t look weird and be technologically feasible according to current demands. With the rising amount of the engagement of your business even your software should be ready for it.
Bespoke Software Development
A website has countless pages and every page has a URL. You can’t make a URL on your site without any optimization. Technical search engine optimization also includes the task of URL optimization through which every single URL passes through the testing process.

Enterprise software use cases and business outcomes

Having a well-designed software and being stick to your values is the way of developing chances of supremacy for your Enterprise. This, let’s have a look on some of the use cases for your business
Knowledge Management Software
Everything begins with how you manage your data. Just having data won't help you with anything when you have no idea of how to organize it. So having a better knowledge will help you to gain an audience but also increases the collaboration in your internal Enterprise.
Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Software is something that consists of a set of tools to transform, retrieve and analyse data into useful business strategies. They are used by the companies for reporting, data warehousing and data visualization.
Enterprise Resource Planning Software
Enterprise Resource Planning Software is used to gather and organize the complete data of a company at one place through an integrated software. It looks out the applications and production of an Enterprise like sales, finance, management, quoting and many more
Supply Chain Management Software
To understand Supply Chain Management Software in simple words, it is a software that manages the flow of data, goods or any resources that is regarding a product and the service you do regardless of the raw products and final stage delivery products.
Product Management
Product Management Software that helps in road mapping of your products and convert your ideas into finished goods. Most of the time Product Managers use this software to execute their ideas into the real life products.

Enterprise technology - a key business enabler

We at I Mate Plus with the experienced engineers will help you achieve all the mentioned goals. We believe in following the core values strictly because values are something that takes a company to a higher position by making a trustworthy relationship with the clients and that's what we do. Our mission is to stand on our client's expectations and provide them with the best service not only during the development of software but even after executing it.

Well-planned, well-built solutions for today, plus new capabilities for tomorrow

We work hand in hand to make your vision a reality, helping you build the muscles you need to move your business from now to what's to come.
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What We Had Done?

Our portfolio is the clear mirror to see our php web development and app development work for the potential clients.
Completed Project
Web App
ASTS Life web application with integrated capabilities for efficient management of customer relationships, policy and benefits management, sales automation, and financial accounting processes.
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Mobile App
Baity Management System
Task management is the link between planning and completing a task. Your task management software should provide an overview of work in progress that allows you to track it from start to finish.
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Web Design
Grand Brulot Order
Designing an outstanding website for a liquor brand was quite challenging for us. The main provocation was representing designing & development was only recognizing and managing layout style & appearance.
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At I Mate Plus we take care of all the requirements of our clients. We lead the development of enterprise software which are safe and secure at the top. We use the data and our expertise to make an ordinary idea the most innovative idea.
Your optimistic approach towards our projects has proven us to be the best company for enterprise software development.


Leverage our 6+ years of experience in enterprise software development, API integration, legacy system modernization, and application portfolio consolidation. We help large organizations become sustainable successes on the global stage by rethinking solutions of varying complexity.

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