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Software maintenance and support services

By providing standard technical support, break/fix services and software maintenance services from our experienced experts of this industry, whether the software was developed by us or some other company.
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Maintenance & Support Services Provide by us

It is very necessary for any company of having a custom website of their own, but its regular maintenance is equally important to avoid bugs and developing new features like resolving queries, developing new features and updating various code timely, that is what actually we do for maintenance of your website development
Adaptive Maintenance and Support
All the modifications and revision of your website is done by our website developers according to your requirement, goals and target.
Corrective Maintenance and Support
We can help you in fixing bugs and rectify all types of errors whether it is logical, coding or design errors of your website and ensure smooth functioning of it.
Perfective Maintenance and Support
Our expert team gives special attention to thoroughly examine your website and does whatever necessary modification and rectification required according to your goals.
Preventive Maintenance
Proactive and prevention are the two principles we are working with so we prepare your software on the basis of past experiences or customer feedback to increase your revenue and make it more efficient.

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Contact us today for any query. Our website maintenance service is affordable and perquisite.

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Specialized Services

Our team always works with the latest technology and implements it in your website by updating all your software versions as well as functionality.
All types of database migration and language migration are embedded to improve your website so that customer from any location can reach your website easily and feel free to interact with them.
After the final release of your website, we will continue our operational and help desk services with you regularly to resolve all your queries.
We facilitate you with many types of maintenance for your website like packaged software maintenance, custom application maintenance, website maintenance, long term maintenance support etc.
We build your website to increase the enhancement of it by various upgrades in application and performance that will make your website error free.
Other Support Services
Porting, Software Re-engineering, Request Based Software Services, Bug Fixes, Defect Resolution, Change Request Handling, Configuration management are maintenance and support services that we provide.

Benefits offered by software maintenance and support services

It is not necessary that the company which develops your website also helps you to maintain your website after releasing it, so it is better to outsource such a company that will provide software and support maintenance for your website. Here are some important benefits of software and support maintenance website

Our software maintenance and support process

We not only create great websites and web assets, we also know how to keep them looking fresh and updated. Most companies treat Website creation as a onetime activity, without truly worrying about keeping it current, fresh and solid. Our team of content management and support professionals know exactly how to help you. We deploy resources so that you get more out of your Web Asset creation investment. No one likes a stale, updated-five-years-old web site. Don’t sit on one.
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Why Choose I Mate Plus as the Website Maintenance Company?

Every company can’t afford to invest time on their website maintenance so they prefer outsourcing such a company that works for them at par; I Mate Plus is the best website Maintenance Company which has an excellent portfolio and work experience to resolve all your queries and technical faults in the website. With us, make your online presence in a professional way. We are coefficient, visionary, fulfill your entire requirement, and keep total transparency with our clients and help them to achieve their target.

We are coefficient, visionary, fulfill your entire requirement, and keep total transparency with our clients and help them to achieve their target.

SCRUM method because it WORKS

Our 7 years of experience have shown us that SCRUM allows us to develop software quickly and effectively. But this is only the way to proceed – the most important is to involve both sides.

SCRUM constitutes the management of the manufacturing process used to develop software in IT projects. It is one of the so-called agile methodologies, meaning effective methods of approaching difficult problems with adapting software and implementing the clients’ requirements.

SCRUM does not impose specific practices or software development techniques. It has been created from a minimal set of roles, terms, and steps to be taken. The main term is “sprint,” meaning a stage lasting not longer than 30 days during which a fully functional version of the software planned in a given sprint is provided.

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