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End-to-end JavaScript development services to develop succeeding web and mobile applications

JavaScript was mainly implemented on client-side browsers. However, JS is gaining popularity as it can work as a server-side technology, with Node.JS being the prominent example. JavaScript is excellent for single-page websites and mobile app development since it can be used on both the front-end and back-end.

Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is the only language understood by the browser and can work more flexibly. What else does a developer need? The reason you should go for JavaScript is, it makes the webpage interactive rather than keeping it static, and also comes up with many dynamic features like playing audio or video and adding animation effects on the page. So these are some features that make JavaScript standout from others.

The fast-paced technology

By the last 20 years, JavaScript has been going through different phases of popularity. Time after time some people predicted
the end of an JavaScript era. But later then it became more significant and more popular technology than ever before. Nowadays,
JavaScript is one of the best choices you could make. It’s simple in service, so applications are created very quick and are also
responsive. But above of that all it is supported by thousands of people all over the world and is still developing and expanding.
The scripting specification of the language is updated annually. JavaScript got decent future ahead. So that is the best option to
create entirely new systems.

Our Javascript web services

Front-end Development
Front-end development
Well a developer or a designer works hard just to satisfy the end users. To make it so it should be designed in such a way that it could look simple, relevant and flawless. JavaScript with HTML and CSS as the basic technology for software and mobile applications.
Cross-platform web application
We at I Mate Plus will develop your web application in such a way that you can use it on different platforms, which as a result can increase your audience instantly.
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Custom Calendar & Event Scheduling
JavaScript is here with the feature of scheduling an event for the users by popping up the message or with drag and drop option. Hence, No more missing with your events instead you can stay tuned and updated.
crm and erp
CRM & ERP Systems
Coming to the features of JavaScript, it comes with many solutions to manage client’s databases, going through the needs of the customers on specific products and figuring out a right market strategy by following the ongoing trend.

We Provide Full Stack JavaScript Development Solutions to Meet your Business Needs.


Framework that we use

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React a javascript framework created by Facebook that makes it easier to create interactive user interfaces and reuse of component feature. It provides a base for React Native, and framework for mobile app development.
Vue Icon
Vue.js is a JavaScript framework which is easy to start with, and fun to learn. In improvement of JavaScript it's miles pinnacle whilst we search for the quality framework. It is fast, and has flexibility, progressiveness, adaptability all in one.
One of the most popular and important framework. Develop by google, open supply framework. It makes your code extra dynamic and permits you to have PWA very soon. It is the great alternative for the introduction of slicing area apps.

What We Had Done?

Our portfolio is the clear mirror to see our php web development and app development work for the potential clients.
Completed Project
Web App
ASTS Life web application with integrated capabilities for efficient management of customer relationships, policy and benefits management, sales automation, and financial accounting processes.
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Mobile App
Baity Management System
Task management is the link between planning and completing a task. Your task management software should provide an overview of work in progress that allows you to track it from start to finish.
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Web Design
Grand Brulot Order
Designing an outstanding website for a liquor brand was quite challenging for us. The main provocation was representing designing & development was only recognizing and managing layout style & appearance.
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Technologies – The tools we use


Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that makes the creation of JavaScript driven web apps running in the client in the browser easier. Its benefits such flexibility and scalability has made it popular among many developers.


jQuery is primarily a fast, small and a way more feature rich library of JavaScript. It has changed the way that millions of people follow to write JavaScript. It is cross browsing that means it works on all the devices.


JavaScript is the programming language that is text-based and helps you to create interactive web applications and web pages. It is a high-level interpreted language that can be easily embedded with many other languages.


Laravel is simply a free open source framework that is used for web application development, instead of hard coding every line to make your web application this framework provides you with commonly used functions to develop your web application more efficiently


PHP is a programming language that is used to build things for the web. It works on the server so when you ask for a webpage, there is usually some PHP going on in the background.


Symfony is a PHP framework and it's a tool box, it's not only that but a methodology way of creating your application so that it's organised, stable and scalable.

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