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Backend Web Development for robust, reliable applications

A well-designed backend will result in a consistent user experience that grows with you. Bugs, glitches, and security related risks are all caused by a poorly developed backend. We have a decade of experience at I Mate Plus building backends that not only perform beautifully, but also scale reliably as your business grows.
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What is backend software development?
There are many high-level programming languages of backend software development, but at the end they all come down to the same – creating and maintaining server-side functional, technical and business logic, creating API and communicating with databases. We use Agile methodology and the best backend technologies to create scalable and secure backends that your users can rely on.
Thanks to a cherry-picked combination of languages, frameworks, APIs, servers and data solutions, experienced backend developers effectively create robust non-user interfaces.
Define why Backend Development is Imperative?
What is happening “Behind the Scenes”? Are you also curious to know the answer to this question? backend app development and web development decides the solution of this question. Creating or establishing a connection between a website or app to a database with logical reasoning factors is possible when backend development process used appropriately.
Backend web development is imperative for your project to give power to your website to accomplish virtual connections and real-time functionality. Both front-end and backend development services are imperative to give the final touch to any website or app.

Difference Between Backend & Frontend

Some people are also confused between Backend and Frontend. Are they both the same? Not at all! To mention the clear-cut difference between Frontend and Backend, we can say that Server Side Interpretation is backend development and Client-Side Interpretation is Frontend Development.
The backend includes all tasks related to the Server-Side Interpretation. Processing major requests from the website or applications only responding through the backend server.
backend development process defines all requests from the website to the client. We can also say that a request from the visitor to client-only reach by encoding backend development code.
The backend development process also includes questioning the database from the information source and then altering the required login that your website or web application needs.

Backend Technologies We Use

Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is the king of the backend. This is the most widely-used server-side language in the world – a phenomenon that simply can’t be undervalued. PHP is an open source technology, that at the same time is simple for a newcomer and is a powerful tool in the hands of a pro. The main target areas in which PHP is best used are server-side scripting, command line scripting and even writing desktop applications. It is truly universal and compatible – it can be used on all popular operating systems and supports most of the web servers. That guarantees a true freedom of choice. On top of that -it will also work great with any size of software solution. With PHP diverse opportunities are at your fingertips!

Backend Frameworks

Frameworks for Backend Development are playing a crucial role to define the functionality of a website. Considering an appropriate Back-end Development Framework for your Website or application is vital for making your Website performance on scalable mode. Take a Glance on Major Backend Web & App Development Frameworks
There is no need to identify this framework for the Back-end development process because Laravel is an Open-Source PHP-based framework. This framework is mainly for developing Symfony based web applications. Getting comprehensive approaches to accessing relational databases along with deployment utilities and application maintenance. Simple API based on SwiftMailer library and Authentications are the primary features of Laravel Backend Development.
With regards to symphony, it is a confined set of the reusable PHP components. This reduces the time and cost for the backend development, backend development, creating APIs, web apps, micro services and web services. The symphony also has a great community of resources and enthusiasm which makes the coding drive easier and less stressful. It also acts as inspiration. Also the cherry on top is easy testing.
Zend Framework
It is an open source framework which is mostly opted to be used in development of large scale projects. It has many advantages such as ease of customization. Agile development is widely promoted in Zend as it offers high-performance MVC implementation. Easy to use nature and easy debugging are other two great capabilities of Zend.
We can say that Codelgniter is a tool which makes the way of coding super easy with its elegant and simple structure. It is very much helpful for creating scalable and robust web applications. It is famous for its strong security, object-orientation, clear documentation and ease of configuration. It is easy and much flexible to rule the world of coding with this technology.
Cake PHP
This backend development framework is written in PHP and also follows the features of MVC Architecture. CakePHP is accessible with MIT License and also based on the Ruby on Rails theory. The CakePHP community is friendly, and the application of this backend framework is scaffolding. One thing that is the best part of this framework is multiple PHP version compatibility.
Yii 2
Yii2 is made up of speed and security. This combination of speed and security is no doubt the direct reason for the efficiency of this technology. along with being pragmatic it is flexible too. It has a lot of reasons to be the best choice for the developers. Some of the features it has are solid backend code and easy API.


Imagine a database as a well-organized collection of information that is easily indexed, managed and accessed. Databases are used to store and handle data for application and real-time analysis. Take a look at the most popular database solutions:
This Oracle-backed, open source relational database runs on Structured Query Language (SQL). It is truly universal and runs of all systems and platforms. It is popular for web apps and online publishing. It is standing behind the most popular applications in the world, increasing their durability and performance.
MongoDB is a free and open source database which favours a document-orientated model to store various forms of data. This nonrelational database works great in processing big data, where standard relational models might not do the job as effectively. Thanks to horizontal scaling, high availability and distribution its easy to tap into the benefits smoothly.
This open source relational database server is one of the most popular in the world, with giants such as Wikipedia or Google harnessing its benefits. Many developers use it as a drop-in replacement for MySQL, and they favour it over other solutions because of the speed, scalability and robustness.
This open-source object-relational database system, extends SQL with many features. Thanks to that, PostgreSQL can safely store and scale data. It is known for being proven in action, and for its reliability, extensibility, great architecture and integrity. PostgreSQL is also running on all major operating systems and is equipped with a number of powerful add-ons.
This Oracle’s flagship product has all it takes to effectively manage and reliably store large amounts of data, maintaining high performance and multi-user accessibility. At the same time, it separates logical and physical structures. Many backend developers consider this relational database management system the most cost-effective and flexible and put in in the center of their environments.
Amazon’s DynamoDB is a NoSQL database that puts stress on performance – it can handle more t han 20 million requests per second! Many of the biggest businesses in the world rely on this solution because of its seamless scalability and unrivalled robustness. DynamoDB is especially popular among AWS customers. Setup and configuration, monitoring performance or replication – with DynamoDB everything seems easy.
Microsoft SQL Server
This Relational database management system is definitely a top3 solution on the market at the moment. Especially a larger IT environment can benefit from its BI and analytics. Built on top of SQL, it supports ASNI SQL and T-SQL, its own implementation. It is offered in a wide variety of editions, from Enterprise for complex requirements, through Standard and Workgroup for small and medium organizations, up to open-source Express version.
Elasticsearch is an open-source NoSQL database managing semi-structured, JSON document-type of data. It’s easy to get cracking and enjoy its scalability, speed of retrieval and increased productivity. Elasticsearch enables quick access to data and grants low latency, what directly translates into enhanced user experience and higher work comfort.

Why I Mate Plus? Well, we get your back

I Mate Plus has been in this industry for the last 7 years. We have been getting advanced with our technologies to give our clients the perfection they desire from the IT sector. Our belief in optimism for every tough situation leads us to the way of success.
Along with the serving of unique and attractive software development we concern the time limit too. We work hard to complete your project before time so that we capture the title of punctuality too. This doesn't mean that we will not test the software as we confirm the quality first and then we launch your application.
How do we get confidence and optimism to deal with different difficulties, is all due to our clients who trust us and believe in us. Our style is to make happy faces who come to us for their software development.
With this we get you the application which lies within our confined budget. Your requirement is our aim and once we achieve your required goals we are there with you as shadow. When you connect with us you become part of our family. And hence it is our responsibility to get you to the best. Your success makes us proud.

What We Had Done?

Our portfolio is the clear mirror to see our php web development and app development work for the potential clients.
Completed Project
Web App
ASTS Life web application with integrated capabilities for efficient management of customer relationships, policy and benefits management, sales automation, and financial accounting processes.
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Mobile App
Baity Management System
Task management is the link between planning and completing a task. Your task management software should provide an overview of work in progress that allows you to track it from start to finish.
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Web Design
Grand Brulot Order
Designing an outstanding website for a liquor brand was quite challenging for us. The main provocation was representing designing & development was only recognizing and managing layout style & appearance.
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