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Quality front-end development makes your site feel great to use

Our in-house web developers combine their visual and technical skills in HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create seamless websites, no matter the screen size or device Moving with cutting-edge development trends and new best practices, our development team offers specific solutions to ensure your site stays ahead of the competition.
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Front-End Custom Services

How the website or an application is looking and react behind the visitors of your website relay-upon front-end development services. Front-End developer skills and work also decides “How users see the information and content on a website or app”. Front-end a . lso ensures website compatibility and flexibility on various devices and screen sizes.
HTML5 Development
HTML5 Development
HTML5 is an ideal markup language. Origin of CSS media queries create a buzz in the market trends of the HTML5 advancement. Combination of HTML5 and CSS3 provide a fantastic experience.
UI/UX Development
Our Front-End developers have the skills to design and develop a compatible application for both Google and Apple Play Store. Your customers love to see your application with High-Quality UI/UX Development Services.
JavaScript Development
For the transformation of HTML page into the interactive ecosystem and the dynamic mode, JavaScript is required. Clients can add luxurious and premium functionality with highly responsive elements such as maps, films and games.
Custom Web App
Custom Web Apps
Dynamic custom web application services are highly demanded in the market to make a perfect product for your company. We use top-technologies and frameworks for developing custom web applications.

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Front-End Technology Development Advice really imperative for you to build an amazing website or application.

Our team is always ready to provide free-consultation regarding your queries and if you are confused about your project requirement then you can get in touch with us and book your free consultation appointment now.


Front-End as a key element of web development

Front-End developers at I Mate Plus are working with the client-side of the website and application. They work to increase better user-experience and elegance of the website or application.
Application with frontend development services. Ultimately, we can say that developing the visual part of a website or an application is known as Front-End Development.
The Skilled Front-End Developers Team of I Mate Plus is working for the development of advanced and easy to use applications because we believe in the hassle-free methodology.
The Frontend Development part is crucial to give an ultimate experience to the users. Rebuilding Website for the enhanced experience of the visitors on a website is also part of the frontend developer job role.

Completed PROJECTS

Explore Our Latest and Previous Projects that we had already completed as the Front-End Development Service Provider.
Completed Projects
Adhi Yoga
Making an online showcase for health and Yoga conscious people was not only challenging but also interesting for the our designers & developers team. Adhi Yoga is a Yoga & health portal. They only worked on the principle quite simple, smooth, and attractive web design for giving streamline appearance to users of the website.
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Case Study
Unique Power Technologies
Working on the measurement scales of automation and industrial measurements was the basic performance of the Unique Power Technologies Project for I Mate Plus. We not only succeed to establish an iconic website for the industrial industry but also develop real-time management software for the company.
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Case Study
Adhi Yoga
Making an online showcase for health and Yoga conscious people was not only challenging but also interesting for the our designers & developers team. Adhi Yoga is a Yoga & health portal. They only worked on the principle quite simple, smooth, and attractive web design for giving streamline appearance to users of the website.
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Our Front End Developers

From the very beginning of the project, we focus on mutual understanding and respect. Our development team can help you navigate the ever-changing website construction environment. We constantly adopt new technologies and methods to build the network, always use the latest methods, and ensure that your website is not only created according to current standards, but also updated and scalable to adapt to future trends and developments.
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Front-End Web Development Technologies

React JS is the open-source front-end library and is mainly known for the best front-end technology in the development industry. React Js also enables mobile-friendly designs and interfaces for the users. This library is maintained by Facebook. Many amazing features of React Js responsible for considering this front-end technology in the development process for the developers such as code reusability and fast debugging are them. This is the reason that websites and applications built in React JS are not only amazing or SEO Friendly but also responsive.
One more framework that is working under the MIT License and famous as the Front-End Web Technology used by our organization in the development process is Bootstrap. Launched in 2011 and it is an open-source CSS framework specially built for dynamic websites and applications. Generally, the layouts built in Bootstrap are highly responsible and compatible with all devices. Thus, for the mobile-ready responsive application Bootstrap is an ideal choice for the companies.
One more open-source programming language that also has apache license 2.0 is TypeScript. This front-end framework is developed and maintained by Microsoft. An amazingly flexible and scalable application can develop in TypeScript. An application developed with the TypeScript framework is fast for the responsive approach. While using TypeScript you don’t need to worry about bugs.
Angular highly demanded in the industry right now. Angular JS is also a Front-End Development Framework. This framework came into existence in 2009. Angular JS is also licensed under MIT as the open-source platform. Developers use MVM Architecture for making reliable code in AngularJS.
Vue.JS front-end technology was launched in 2014 and it is also an open-source platform under the license of MIT. It is one of the highly promising front-end solutions for the development process. Creators and mentors of Vue.js are Netguru and Netlify. This framework is quite lightweight and that’s why it is most ecommerce mobile-friendly designed with the Vue.js front-end framework.
ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library. With React it’s easy to create reusable user interface components, which are small and isolated pieces of code, used to build a complex solution. Moreover, you can use React to create content-rich web apps that are able to exchange data without the need to reload the whole page again every time.

I Mate Plus team of responsive application development

We at I Mate Plus, are working for the highly responsive application development services. Our front-end development services are scalable for the organization's objectives and when you want an impressive framework and dynamic user-experience on the website or application then you must consider the best front-end web development services.

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