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Why Laravel is the best framework for web development?

Laravel is among the best new generation PHP-based web app framework. Laravel is a free, non-proprietary MVC framework. Its quick development approach and MVC discipline pattern set it apart from the others. Laravel works better in the development of high-quality websites and applications.

Laravel Development services, we offer

Custom Laravel Development
Experts of I Mate Plus are here to help you develop some of the best Laravel solutions for your business. We try to bring the essence of your business into every software that we develop. With the help of our dynamic software developers, you can get some of the most creative and unique applications to boost your business.
Laravel CMS Development
With our CMS development services, you will experience some great results in managing your website. Our team will help you to effectively manage every piece of information on it with ease. We develop some of the best features for your CMS to allow you to have full control over your website.
Laravel Migration and Upgradation Services
Clients get some of the best Laravel Migration and upgrade services with us. Then, your existing data will be migrating to a new platform without letting any single information go to waste. Our upgrade services will ensure that your project is in trend with the industry.
Laravel Ecommerce Development
As your Laravel development company in Canada, I Mate Plus develops some excellent eCommerce applications using Laravel. Each of our applications has the support of payment gateways which are secured with 128-bit encryption to allow secure transactions. These eCommerce stores can be multi-vendor or single vendors.

How I Mate Plus helps you in Laravel Development?

We are 100% transparent in our approach to your project. Our experts ensure that you are always in the loop whenever any change is done in your project. So, worry not! Anything and everything that is going on, you would be updated with it.
With decades of cumulative experience in designing and developing Laravel solutions for our clientele, every developer working with us is trained and experienced personnel who have first-hand knowledge about the industry.
Dedicated hiring
I Mate Plus offers dedicated hiring to clientele to ensure that their business is getting what they are envisioning. Moreover, we offer on-site and off-shore deployment to ensure that your project is getting all the attention that you want.
Custom solutions
With creativity and uniqueness in its approach, we offer customized solutions for your business. Moreover, every solution would have interactive and engaging UI and UX to ensure that the user is getting the best results.
Quality Assurance
We perform quality assurance to ensure that the project delivered to you is without any bugs and the user is not facing any issues while using the software. To ensure this, the team performs manual testing of the software and removes bugs in the process.
Post-sales support
We offer excellent post-sales support to ensure that you are getting the best results. If you face any issues after the delivery of the project, then worry not, as our customer support executives are always on their toes to help you out.

FAQ on Laravel Development

1. What should you know before Hiring Laravel Development Company?
Before you hire a Laravel development company, you must know certain aspects of the company such as,
  • The cost they might charge you for the project.
  • The time they might take for completing the project.
  • The after-sales support that the company might offer.
  • The experience of the company.
  • The reviews of the services the company is offering.
2. Do I own the ownership and the code of my Laravel Project?
Yes, you will be having the ownership of the code of the project but for that you need to change the configuration of the permissions.
3. Why should I choose Laravel instead of other Frameworks?
Laravel is one of the most widely used frameworks which has a huge library and other features to support it. Moreover, the software is open-source which makes it highly secure and efficient for every project.
4. Why should I choose you for Laravel Development Services?
I Mate Plus offers some of the best services in the industry which are not available with the other vendors. We are also providing you with the best in class technology as well as rates to ensure that you get the best ROI.
5. What steps are followed for Laravel Development?
We follow Agile methodology to deliver the project. The steps followed by us are
  • Ideation
  • Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Deployment
5. What steps are followed for Laravel Development?
We follow Agile methodology to deliver the project. The steps followed by us are
  • Ideation
  • Consulting
  • Prototyping
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Deployment
6. How much does it cost For Laravel Development Services?
We all know that every project is different and each of them cost differently. So, for every project that we might be performing, the cost would be different. But we ensure that we would be providing the best rates in the industry.
7. How much time does it require for Laravel Web App Development?
Although we cannot mention any specific time for the development of your project without getting proper details of the requirement, we can ensure that our team will take the least amount of time to deliver your dream project.

Technologies – The Tools We Use


PHP is a general-purpose, open-source, server-side scripting language used mostly for developing web apps, e-commerce apps, and database apps. This dynamic, powerful tool is easily connectable with MySQL, Oracle, and other databases.

PHP also allows choosing different operating systems and servers. No wonder it’s one of the most popular programming languages. Advanced programmers can do a lot with PHP, and don’t you worry – we have what it takes to make the best use out of it!


When you need cutting edge UI design you can use the JavaScript Library, React. The best quality of this framework is that it is speedy, it has brilliant user experience. Also they are very easy to debug and maintain as they are much more predictable than others.


It is the most popular framework of JavaScript and since the time it has arrived in the web development world it has created a storm. Nothing else is best in front of this when you are creating supreme UI on the frontend of the web page.


A open source PHP framework which is used for building web applications. All of its syntax are well designed and expansive too. It is very helpful in most of the cases as it auto designs the common coding and makes it faster and enriched with new features.


It is a JavaScript platform which is best for creating mobile and web applications. It is cost effective and it consumes less time too. It eliminates most of the code through data binding and dependency factors.


It is a special application which is based on the formation of web technology such as HTML, JavaScript and its frameworks. The PWA application looks like native mobile apps. In simple words PWA means that no downloading, one code infrastructure, excellent SEO services, unified and uniform experience in all platforms.

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