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Bespoke web development an extension of your business

We at California web development provide enthusiastic and creative content to grow your business. We’ve many client companies which are individuals, small-scale businesses and large corporations. We are providing services for Web Development and Designing, SEO and Digital Marketing and many more. We have the best experts who will do the work with their skills and experience to serve you. To get our services you just need to be with us and we will surely offer you the best services.
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Web development services that we offer

I Mate Plus, as software development company, offers some of the best development services which will bring you the best ROI. Moreover, we will be delivering the results quickly within the stipulated deadlines.
Front-end Development
With our front-end development, we will be creating some of the best features for your project and making creatives that will entice the user with their visual appeal.
Backend development
We will be working on everything in the backend, such as APIs, backend logic and databases, to ensure that the software runs smoothly without any problems.
MVP development
As Laravel Development company in Canada, we develop some of the best prototypes for your project to ensure that it is in line with your ideas and you are getting what you have envisioned.
QA and Testing services
We perform manual testing of every project to ensure that every bug is removed and the end-user gets the best experience while using the application.

Innovative web development to transfer visualization into real-world application

Exquisite and groundbreaking business website development to concentrate on the client needs, responsiveness and site design improvement. We are fit for forming top of the line web development, custom web applications and online interface improvement. All are with stunningly vigorous client encounters and custom fitted made to meet your particular industry needs. Our dedicated web developers have effectively finished 150+ web ventures for enterprises with assorted business areas, including eCommerce, web application, e-Learning, Network Marketing and Content and Document Management system.

Features of web development for best website

Website Design
The methodology we consider to website development takes every part of the client's understanding. This incorporates not just the magnificence and capacity of your site or a stream, yet additionally things like pleasure, user experience, things that are more enthusiastically to design and accomplish.
Responsive Design
The design should be reliable and responsive whereby the user can easily go through to find the best with matching behavior. It should match with all types of device and platform for the audience to grab the attention.
Finding a dependable SEO specialist in California, United States can be a gigantic assignment for an independent company. Our SEO experts will give you a site that will cause it to the principal pages of web search tools however will to likewise offer you a dependable arrangement that will enable your business to endure a profoundly focused market for quite a while.
Fast & Reliable Hosting
This is where you can get the best costs alongside cordial 24x7 genuine help, the top dimension of server security and quickest system to have your site. We offer the assortment of flavor in the type of reliable web facilitating items such as shared hosting, reseller facilitating, VPS facilitating and more.
Easy to Use Functionality
Regardless of whether your site positions well in Google's internet searcher, yet isn't easy to use and has poor usefulness, those guests won't just leave your webpage, however, will likewise connect it with an awful encounter. Incredible usefulness is a powerful device and is constantly considered in our way to deal with web composition.
Conversion Techniques
Responsive and attractive web design is what been asked to avoid the crowd over the globe. Requirements of clients, easy accessibility, responsive, visual appeal, retention, and more, we assist with all. To increase your business conversion rate is all we are focusing for through various marketing tactics.

Technologies – The Tools We Use


PHP is a general-purpose, open-source, server-side scripting language used mostly for developing web apps, e-commerce apps, and database apps. This dynamic, powerful tool is easily connectable with MySQL, Oracle, and other databases.

PHP also allows choosing different operating systems and servers. No wonder it’s one of the most popular programming languages. Advanced programmers can do a lot with PHP, and don’t you worry – we have what it takes to make the best use out of it!


When you need cutting edge UI design you can use the JavaScript Library, React. The best quality of this framework is that it is speedy, it has brilliant user experience. Also they are very easy to debug and maintain as they are much more predictable than others.


It is the most popular framework of JavaScript and since the time it has arrived in the web development world it has created a storm. Nothing else is best in front of this when you are creating supreme UI on the frontend of the web page.


A open source PHP framework which is used for building web applications. All of its syntax are well designed and expansive too. It is very helpful in most of the cases as it auto designs the common coding and makes it faster and enriched with new features.


It is a JavaScript platform which is best for creating mobile and web applications. It is cost effective and it consumes less time too. It eliminates most of the code through data binding and dependency factors.


It is a special application which is based on the formation of web technology such as HTML, JavaScript and its frameworks. The PWA application looks like native mobile apps. In simple words PWA means that no downloading, one code infrastructure, excellent SEO services, unified and uniform experience in all platforms.

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